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The Sling TV matketing department and the advertising agency that is responsible fot the recent ad campaign should be ashamed of themselves. Not only are the ”Slinger” ads not funny, but they are really quite creepy.

Parents should not have to explain to their children why some creepy guy is taking off his shirt and twirling his chest hairs just to watch tv. I am not sure that you air going to be targeting the right demographic by airing this garbage when parents and children will most likley to be watching. If you are targeting the *** demographic you would better off airing these distastful spots late at night. How a company can allow people, who posses all of the responsibility and sense of humor of an adolescent teen, to have final approval of whether or not this ad campaign should air.

Especially when it is clear to anyone who has ever studied advertising, that it will only appeal to a limited group of perverts. To the board members and management at Sling Tv, it’s time to grow up and be responsible adults.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sling Tv Commercial.

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Totally agree

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