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Lots of channels for the price. I would be thrilled to keep it indefinitely however....

the commercials are SO LOUD that it is unbearable. I have only had it a few weeks and already the volume button on my remote has worn out and I am now using the mute button. The commercials are MUCH LOUDER than the shows and I miss part of the shows because I don't see to un-mute. A real pain!

Sadly, as soon as my 2 months expires, I will be cancelling the service and ordering a new remote. So sad about this.

So I need a hundred words so I am adding this at the end. I hope it gets me to the hundred words needed to post my review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sling Tv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you notice, the louder commercials are local ad's, abruptly cut into and out of the national feed of what your watching. These include regional business's, restaurants and political ads.

And we're going to start seeing more of the ladder for mid-terms. I've started calling those advertisers, local politicians, letting them know of the rude and cruel situation, and let them know I'm muting and not buying or voting what they what they're saying or selling. Bye, bye Wayfair...Hope their agencies that are producing and placing these ads, can help, because it's so wrong and they are paying for it! I love everything else of Sling, but can't handle it....and it seems to me like me an easy fix.

Pic up the phone and tell your source provider for the channels who have local insertion of ads, Turn It Down! Not to sound "Deep State", I don't think the providers of cable providers don't like that we've left and are now torturing us, here being Dish?


Commercials on Sling are shockingly loud, and it is annoying.


Can’t handle it any more! Wearing headphones watching on my phone is the worst! I’m canceling now


I'm canceling too. This is just stupid.


Yes commercials on sling way too loud. It's annoying. I really considering cancelling.


I absolutely agree. I’m sick and tired of hitting the mute button every time I watch something on Sling TV and a commercial comes on.

I’m done; cancelling my subscription. This has been ongoing for 3 years and Sling ignores the customer, so screw them.


The ultimate blame belongs with SLING! SLING is not providing reasonable answers about why they continue to abuse their subscribers.

We can all bet that it has to do with money..kickbacks, and profits being paid to SLING for continued enabling. SLING may lose subscribers because of these noise complaints, but SLING could care less!

SLING is like an addict, and kickbacks are it’s drug; Subscribers can put up, or go pound sand. That’s their attitude.


The volume of the commercials is hideous and loud and also illegal. Report the commercials to the FCC, channel, time and date.

to Dee #1434759

Unfortunately the FCC, and our lawmakers are doing ZIP! Nothing!

The lawmakers gave internet tv broadcasters the exemption from the rules about commercial volume. SLING will take advantage, and ignore its subscribers because it can.


Yes they have started for me also so I guess I will remove their service. Hulu doesn't have the problem. After being in broadcast engineering for several decades I know that this could be fixed with a simple piece of equipment on their end so goodbye.


Yes I have sling tv and adds are really loud it sucks I hate and bad product I will not pay for tv if adds get loud if they’re had add mute option I wood pay for that


In addition to the loud commercials, extra commercials (also loud) are being cut into programming where no commercial breaks were originally scheduled, like in the middle of sentences being spoken on the program. When I first complained about the extra, ill-placed commercial interruptions and the volume of said interruptions, I was told that their engineers are working on it, but now they are saying "Sling TV is an online Internet based service the. FCC can not set the proper algorithms to prevent this" and "We have limited control over the commercials time-frame on channel." Time to shop around.


I have had it for about 18 months now and was happy with it until recently. The commercials are getting louder and the loud ones are a lot more frequent.

I've just cancelled my account. It's gotten to the point where I can't watch SlingTV without becoming agitated almost immediately. It's a shame because it's a good service otherwise. It did freeze sometimes with my 2nd gen FireTV stick.

But, that was fine. The commercials 3 times louder than the show is not.

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